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Pogopin output is not work in Vive Input Utility


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hello every one,

I want to see the output value of Pogopin with an oscilloscope.
VIU's "VRModule.TriggerHapticVibration" was successfully used to change the waveform of the oscilloscope.

However, I feel that the argument is not working.

durationSeconds: not working
startSecondsFromNow: not Working
frequency: not working
amplitude : Affects the time at which the waveform changes. Specify 0.25 to output the voltage for 1 second.

I am expecting the following work.

durationSeconds : Affects the time at which the waveform changes
startSecondsFromNow : Affects the time until the waveform changes
frequency : Affects the frequency of the voltage
amplitude : Affects the strength of the voltage

How can I realize the expected work?

Unity 2019.4.6
  XR plug-in Management installed . and use OpenVR Loader.
SteamVR Unity plugin v2.7.3 (sdk 1.14.15)
Vive Input Utility for Unity v1.14.1

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