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Windows 10 Bluescreen of death


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After I downloaded the Star Wars Trail, Steam and Vive updated. I cannot get to any Stars Wars Trial scenes, all I get sis the Windows 10 Bluescreen of death and the computer restarts, Also when using VR games I have used in the past I also get the Bluescreen of death. Has abyone else seen this? I have am i7 2700K.  Thanks

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Just happened again, It says Unexpected Kernal Mode Trap. I am running a i7 2600K on an MSI Z68A-GD80 (B#) Z68 LGA 1155 R motherboard with 16GB memory and an EVGA 1070 video card with a LG 27UD69P monitor. I have the latest Windows 10 updates including Create (1703) on it.

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