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Vive Video Player Streaming json


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I use this manual https://www.vive.com/ca/support/focus3/category_howto/how-to-show-streaming-video-in-vive-video-playlist.html for creating json file for streaming files from local pc. Create folder com.vive.business.video in root of storage, create folder "files" in it and put my file named streaming_playlist.json. But no urls in player. I try put it app folder and when it display message as "No default playlist..."

streaming_playlist.json file:

"version" : "1.0",
"playlist" :[
"title" : "Video library",
"type" : "BUNDLE",
"url" : "\\\tmp\vl.json"

vl.json is reached and have some "single" files from pc with urls as "\\\videos\lesson_01.mp4"

Maybe some misstake in this file, but i try example file too...

No any reaction in app after restart. 

Need some help. Have Focus 3 any alternative video players as SkyBox?

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