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How Vive OpenXR is different from OpenXR and OpenVR?


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To connect and send rendered data from C++ project to Vive Pro Eye, which SDK I should use? OpenVR or OpenXR or Vive OpenXR? How OpenXR and Vive OpenXR are different? Is there any benefit of using OpenXR over OpenVR?

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If you're using C++ I'm assuming you're running your own rendering loop or are you integrating a game engine (e,g, Unreal, Unity, others)?

There isn't a difference between OpenXR and VIVE OpenXR - Vive's OpenXR runtime is conformant as an official adopter (there are currently only 2 conformant Android runtimes).

OpenVR is already deprecated, you best choice is OpenXR (with extensions of course - e.g. eye tracking).




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Hello Dario!

I am running simple C++ project without any game engines. My primary goal is after rendering the scene (using NVIDIA OptiX API), how to send it more easily to HTC Vive Pro Eye. Thanks for your previous suggestions, here I might ask some more nonsense questions (sorry, I am new in VR domain):

  1. The Vive OpenXR download page says, it is only available for Unity and Unreal Engine, as plugin. So, it means there is no way I can use it in my C++ project as I am using SRanipal SDK (native_c code)?
  2. So, if the previous case is true, that only leads to use either OpenVR or OpenXR, and as OpenVR has already been deprecated, leads no other options than using OpenXR, right? 
  3.  Currently I am using SteamVR, OpenXR for PC VR page says, the Vive Pro series can use Vive Console utility for PC VR. Can I use it for Pro Eye headset? Is there any additional benefit of using this application than SteamVR? 
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Hallo Bipul, Have you found a solution for your project? I'm now doing a project and I have to show the data content in VR glasses HTC Vive Pro 2 on window on PC. I looked, I use c++ directly without unity or unreal. So I use GLFW window with steamvrsdk: openvr with opengl: can you say whether it is correct to use these three and your project is done?


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