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What are you're thoughts on the Vive Pro 2?


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Its been a little while since the launch and now that things have cooled down I wanted to get some people's opinions on the Vive pro 2 and how it compares to other headsets now that people have had time to get used to it.

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I like mine, I have a Quest 2 and Valve Index, and I prefer it over either of those, but it kinda depends upon how well it works for you. I have two friends who got to try it back to back with a Valve Index, and prefer the Valve Index over it. 

One of my friends prefers it because the Valve Index breaths better and doesn't get foggy for him, the other because the field of view on the Valve Index seems more natural.

I prefer the Vive Pro 2 because the visuals and colors are soo much beyond the Valve Index. I actually think the Quest 2 has better visuals than the Valve Index when hooked up to a PC, but the software to stream from a PC is so fiddly that it's not worth fighting with. 

The sound on the Valve Index is better for gaming, but the Vive Pro 2 has over the ear speakers which block out the sound in the room. So it's a toss up for me on the sound. 

I really hope HTC is on the ball with their next headsets. 

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The main reason i decided to order mine was for the better resolution. As much as I like my Index, the screen door effect is really noticeable and I look forward to the upgrade. I've never been too picky with fps, i'm happy with 45fps.

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