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is vive dead... no new controllers... WHY?!!

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@SanityGaming Aside from hardware limitations (patents, manufacturing, costs...), hand/finger tracking is still a bit of a mess when you go to implement it into a project, especially across multiple hardware platforms. Coding advanced input is fairly platform specific atm. 

The reason alot of controllers have adopted a similar button layout is because it makes it easier for developers to design, port, and maintain content between major platforms. 

OpenXR might soon be able to make it easier for developers and hardware manufactures alike to have a common way to accept input from advanced controller input from a range of vendors and make it so developers only have to code and implement their handtracking one time rather than for each device. Once that starts happening - finger tracking will become far more common in both hardware and software. 

For example, the new Vive Wrist Tracker is specifically built upon the the OpenXR Hand Tracking API & we were recently able to make Focus 3's optical hand tracking work with SteamVR. It's a product that would be really hard to do without OpenXR. 

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