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The new update is killing my vive


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Since doing the new Vive Cosmos update, My headset is cutting out, mid games. On iRacing, switching between qualifying and the race I get screen tares. I don't know if my headset is dying or if it's a software thing. Does ANyone else have this issue?

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i'm having the exact same issue. i can't tell if it's a hardware or software issue. i only really use my headset for H3VR, so every time i try to play it, headset will just randomly go black. so far i've had issues getting the vive software to recognize the headset. i get a lot of displayport errors. i've tried using different ubs ports, different displayports, downgraded my nvidia drivers, reinstalled the vive drivers, everything i can think of without replacing the cable i only just bought 2 months ago.


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