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help! No controller bindings for SteamVR/OpenXR in UE5 *Focus3 Controllers*


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The vr pawn seems to only works with OcculusVR/ OpenXR combo plugin enabled. When I try SteamVR/OpenXR, there is no bindings, so no teleport. I tried setting up the binding manually but the teleportation is still not working. I am using SteamVR BETA and VBS BETA.

Please help.

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Turns out the teleport problem was from the original VRPawn. If this can help anyone, when creating a new VR template scene, the VRPawn BP components were not setup/rooted properly.

For fix, look into the VRPawn Bp > Outliner, use the picture below to see if you have the correct hierarchies of components.


Thanks to VR Playground for this fix.


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