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Wrist Tracker OpenXR UE4.27.2

Piotr Karkocha

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i am trying to use the wrist tracker as an object tracker in UE4.27.2 with the OpenXR plugin enabled for PCVR.

For this purpose i am using this plugin:

So, first of all i needed to make some changes (the changes to the engine's OpenXR plugin recommended in the github link above crash the engine).

For the plugin to compile, I needed to remove the function definition and declaration

virtual void AddActionSets(TArray<XrActiveActionSet>& OutActionSets) override;

from the OpenXRViveTracker.h and .cpp.
After that i was able to compile the project (OpenXR engine plugin left in its default form), use its functions and the Tracker scene component.
The problem is, i am not geting any positional data from my wrist trackers. 

Now, I am fully aware that removing functions may lead to problems, but that seemed the only way to compile the plugin and run the project. Apart from the fact that the plugin doesnt send any data, its performance is stable.

Can you help me with setting it up to work? Maybe there are other working solutions?
Before i was using the SteamVR plugin and obtaining tracker's positonal data with the GetTrackedDevicePositionAndRotation.
But as i need to use handtracking in my app, i switched to OpenXR and needed to deactivate SteamVR.
I have assigned a role to the tracker in SteamVR.

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