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Foveated Rendering Eye Tracking Not Working!!! (Unity)

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Hi all, 

Please help, I have recently begun developing in VR, and I have been using the HTC VIVE Pro Eye headset to collect eye tracking data for research purposes. I am working in Unity version 2021.3.5f1. For months now I have been using the Vive Foveated Rendering plugin, and during this time it has always worked well and successfully tracked my eye movements (I was using the foveated rendering visualizer to confirm). A few days ago however, I noticed my game began to slow down, and now I find that while foveated rendering is still working, it no longer appears to be tracking my eye movements as the visualizer is now static. These problems have persisted despite me transferring my project to a brand new Alienware desktop and reinstalling all necessary software. I have followed all the instructions provided in the Sranipal and Vive Foveated Rendering developer guides and for the life of me I cannot work out the problem. Otherwise, I can still collect eye tracking data, thus it appears Sranipal is still working as the icon has green eyes and there are no errors with initialization. The problem seems like it has to do with the foveated rendering function and visualizer suddenly being unable and/or failing to access the eye tracking data from Sranipal. Please let me know if anyone has any solutions, of if you have experienced similar problems.

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