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[Unity, OpenXR, Vive WAVE] Device not tracked.

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I'm testing using OpenXR and the new Vive WAVE.

I'm able to run the demo as described here and the tracking works as it should: https://developer.vive.com/resources/openxr/openxr-pcvr/tutorials/unity/integrate-facial-tracking-your-avatar/ .

However when using the OpenXR Unity Gaze system, the device is not tracked. The following code prints 'Not tracked', meaning an EyeTracking device has been found, but is not tracking.

private InputDevice eyeDevice;
private static readonly List<InputDevice> Devices = new();

private void Update()
    if (!eyeDevice.isValid)
        InputDevices.GetDevicesWithCharacteristics(InputDeviceCharacteristics.EyeTracking, Devices);
        if (Devices.Count > 0)
            eyeDevice = Devices[0];
        Debug.LogWarning("Not valid");
    else if (!eyeDevice.TryGetFeatureValue(CommonUsages.isTracked, out bool isTracked))
        Debug.LogWarning("Failed to access isTracked");
    else if (!isTracked)
        Debug.LogWarning("Not tracked");

Vive Pro Eye
Unity 2021.3.1f1
VIVE Wave OpenXR Plugin 1.0.4
Both Facial tracking and Eye Gaze Profile are on:



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