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how to set up Avatar for Eye & Facetracking

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i am using the HTC Vive Pro Eye together with the HTC Vive facial tracker. I want to set up an Avatar in Unity to use both eye & face tracking. I am using a DAZ Genesis 8.1 charakter which I have importet to Unity. I have created all nessecary blendshapes and the facial tracking is working, but I have problems setting up the eye tracking. When I assign the left and right eye to the SRanipal_Avatar_Lip_Sample_v_2 script they don't rotate accordingly to the eye rotation. As soon as I start the scene, the eyes seem to rotate downwards by 60 degrees and when I move my eyes, I can only see the upper white part. (First images shows the eyes befor starting the scene, second image right after starting the scene)

Can anybody help me and explain how to set up the eyes correctly? 

eyes before playing the scene.PNG

eyes while playing the scene.PNG

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I have the same problem, when starting the project in unity the eyes are rotated but to the left and I see the sclera of the eye, the eyes seem to be doing eye tracking but with the eyes rotated. Someone help us solve it?

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