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Deluxe Audio Strap report

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I received my Deluxe Audio Strap this morning and have logged a little over three hours battling Robotron. And, sure enough, the Deluxe Audio Strap foam is scaling. It came off in my hair and if you rub your finger across the foam easily de-laminates.


Bummer for sure as I really like how it fits and how the audio is much more convenient. I'm not going to gripe about this but those who reported it were right. Faulty foam.


Take care, Cpt Good


3:10 pm CST edit---Apparently there is a workaround. MartinMarty has a link on the tech support forum where the guy on youtube just scrubbs the top layer of the foam off under hot water. I will wait to try it hoping not to void the warranty. I trust that HTC will replace. Thanks Cpt Good



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