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How do i unpair everything from my PC?


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I''ve done steamvr developer console.

I've done the lighthoose tools folder thing.


no matter what I do, my "VR TRACKERS" and more stay paired, and no matter how many times i type unpairall, it doesn't work!  I close and relaunch the console and it says 8 things are still paired!

is there any perment other ways to completely and 100% start fresh!

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I've gone into "Developer > Developer Settings > Remove all SteamVR USB Devices!
I've even gone to the tool folder in steam vr and run the "unpairall" command...

yet my vive trackers are still appearing under
Devices > Manage Trackers > Manage Trackers... no matter what I do my LHR (trackers) still appear... WHAT THE ♥♥♥♥!


Also this is another issue, why does it say 8 devices! this probably doesn't help!image.thumb.png.308463ad39aacebf9eee6dd8818f5b13.png


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