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How to obtain world space coordinates of eye gaze ray in VR environment using RaycastHit

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I am working on a research project using HTC Vive Pro Eye and SRanipal to collect eye data. My objective with the eye data is to know what the participant is looking at in the world space coordinates (for every frame). I managed to collect raw eye data and cast eye gaze rays in the scene. However, I am struggling on how to use the RaycastHit function to obtain the world space coordinates of the objects the person is looking at (e.g. buildings, cars, signs, lamp posts etc.). Based on my conversations with other researchers, we believe that the RaycastHit function is highly useful for my case. The useful properties of the RaycastHit function I would like to implement on my code is mainly RaycastHit.point , RaycastHit.collider , and RaycastHit.distance. If someone can help me on how to use the RaycastHit function with the eye gaze rays in my script, it would help me a lot! 🙂 

The code I used to obtain raw eye data and cast the gaze rays is attached (GazeRays1.cs). 

In addition, I have attached an image of how my scene looks like with the gaze rays enabled in my scene for reference.


Thank you!



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