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BlendMode AlphaBlend and Vive Cosmos


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I'm trying to use the blend mode    XR_ENVIRONMENT_BLEND_MODE_ALPHA_BLEND  using the Vive Cosmos, hoping that submitting images with alpha set to zero outside rendered objects would use the video feed and create a mixed reality experience.

Yet, the background remains black where I was expecting the "real world" video seethrough.

Is the Cosmos supposed to handle this ?




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Follow up.

I got my hands on a Varjo XR3, I had the same effect at first.

I finally figured out that the XrCompositionLayerProjection that are submitted must be flagged with XR_COMPOSITION_LAYER_BLEND_TEXTURE_SOURCE_ALPHA_BIT for blend mode to work. 

At least, it's the case on the Varjo XR3, where the mixed reality now works.

However, it doesn't change a thing on the Vive Cosmos. Still getting black instead of video passthrough.



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