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Vive Pro 2 unusable, what do I do with it?


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I've had this headset for almost a year now. I was so happy I upgraded it from my VIVE 1.0, but it couldn't run on my laptop that I used because it was way more intense than my old Vive. So I waited a few months and built my first desktop PC! I tried it out, everything was going fine, and then the worlds loudest ear splitting static blasted through the headphones. This issue happens immediately when I boot it up, or it does it randomly by surprise after 10 or so minutes. My ears rang after the first time. At this point I sent it to HTC's repair center, and all they did was send me a new cable. It actually made the issue worse. I think I'm SOL for a refund, I don't know anyone I can sell it to (I got banned from ebay for trying to sell it?), and I'm 3 seconds from just smashing the damn thing out of rage for all this time and money wasted. Is there any way I can salvage this?

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