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vive pro 2 and steam vr error 214


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hi everyone ! 

I'm experiencing trouble with a vive pro 2 and a cosmos elite  with a rtx 4090 and  a 5800x3d.

It  is impossible to complete the steam calibration.

wands and  hmd are not  detected.


Steam vr says a driver  is missing ( error 214)


I successfully installed the vive pro 2 on a rtx 3080 ( and i7 8700k) but it is extremely  blurry, the ipd setting does  not appear to  change anything from 57 to 69.( compared to the elite cosmos wich  I see very clearly that it hasa positive  effect about  clarity on the green cross symbol)

in game no matter  what i pick the extreme resoultion at 90 hz and enhanced super sampling at  500% nothing changes.( if i set my g2 instead of the pro 2 or even the cosmos elite at 500% , things look way better) 

Anyone had that kind of problem ? 



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