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Question to eye tracking data


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Hi Vive support teams

I am developing a remote medical application.

I checked the development documentation, I still have a few questions about the data obtained from the Vive, please give me some help.


1. eye_data_validata_bit_mask

According to the documentation

The bits containing all validity for this frame.

Could you please explain in more detail about bits and validity mentioned here?

2. Regarding the measurement of the following data for the left and right eyes:

  • gaze_origin_mm
  • gaze_direction_normalized
  • pupil_position_in_sensor_area

The API provides the calculation results of magnitude and sqrMagnitude.

Could you please explain in more detail about magnitude and sqrMagnitude?

3. system origin

I noticed that the development documentation includes a system configuration diagram.

  • Does the system origin point mentioned in the diagram coincide with the origin of the CameraRig in Unity?
  • If so, are the xyz coordinate axis directions also consistent with the xyz axis directions of the CameraRig?
  • Are other measurement data such as gaze_direction_normalized calculated based on the relative position of the system origin?

4. movement of gaze focus

An important function implemented in our project requires the use of the distance that the user's gaze focus moves on the object being viewed.

We have to use the pupil movement distance (gaze_origin_mm) and the gaze direction vector (gaze_direction_normalized) to calculate it.

However, it is unable to eliminate the influence of head movement. 

This data can be obtained directly? Do you have any suggestions on this?


best regards





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