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Saving and loading different points of origin and boundaries


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We're using LBSS and VBC to synch maps for free-roaming installations. However, we want to make flexible use of our spaces as we could with the OpenVR API. Depending on the game, we want to be able to switch the point of origin and the boundary on the fly for different room configurations:

  • Free-Roam: Origin in room center, boundary spanning the whole room
  • Room scale: Players occupy quadrants of the physical room -> point of origin is offset to the center of the quadrant, each player have their own quadrant boundary

In OpenVR, this is easily done by doing a room calibration, then reading out the universe and chaperone coordinates and saving them into a database. We can then calibrate multiple presets and load them when needed.

On the Focus, I couldn't find any documentation on how to access this data or how to push it back to the device. While the map itself and the point of origin as well as the boundary appear to be different data models (as they can all be set separately from one another), they are all synched at once through VBC. What I want to do is to just access the origin point and boundary coordinates, save them in a preset and then mathematically manipulate them for room-scale configuration so I can toggle these presets over the air. Any ideas where these files are stored and how to access them? It's the most frequent use case our customers have and are thus hesitant to move to the Focus 3, which is otherwise better than previous systems for LBE.

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