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Unity 3D and SRanipal: EULA_NOT_ACCEPT

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I am a developer for a company that creates software solutions for some visual problems. We have VR software that uses the Vive Pro Eye Tracker. We have recently detected that the latest installations of our software do not work correctly with the Eye Tracker. Investigations have pointed out to us a problem between our software and SRanipal. The problem is that on initialization of our software, SRanipal Sdk starts with the error EULA_NOT_ACCEPT.

At first I thought that the problem was that our clients did not accept the message that appears the first time you start the Eye Tracker software in which you have to accept the Eula, but testing with one of our clients and following all the steps, I was able to verify that this message was accepted.

Following my investigations I was able to find that our new clients have a Vive Pro Eye installation that installs SRanipal in the same process. On the contrary, our old customers have an installation of SRanipal following the following link after the installation of Vive Pro Eye: https://dl.vive.com/SRSDK/runtime/VIVE_SRanipalInstaller.msi

After finding this difference, for our new customers, I uninstalled the version of SRanipal installed by Vive Pro Software and installed SRanipal by following the link above. When the installation finished, I had to accept the Eula again, and this time, our software boots correctly without the EULA_NOT_ACCEPT error.

Apparently the version of SRanipal installed by Vive Pro Software and the link above is the same, but for some reason it doesn't work the same way.

Our software was developed a few years ago on Unity3D 2019.3.0a2 and uses SRanipal.dll

Where could the problem be? Do we need to update the SDK used in initial development or is there something else we need to accept in the new SRanipal installation? Why does our software work with one installation type and not another? Any information that can help us understand what is happening would be valuable.


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