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Vive pro 2 cable (2.0) on the vive pro headset


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Hello, I got a second hand vive pro 1 without the cable and linkbox for a very good price.

When I plugged the headset with my 2.0 linkbox and cable from my pro 2 I had a lot of sparkles on the right side of the screen just like it was a damaged cable, the weird thing is that the pro 2 works just fine with the cable.

So I tried the vive pro with it's shorter cable from the wireless kit that I sold and it worked fine without the sparkles, so do you think it's possible that the cable is damaged and it only shows on the first vive pro and not the 2 ? Or is it the pro 2 cable which is doesn't play nicely with the older headset.

I need to know before ordering a new linkbox and cable, I would definitely buy the 1.0 cable for sure but would the linkbox 2.0 compatible ? The only linkbox 1.0 I can get from my country is an always-on linkbox which is not ideal.

I'm a little scared if the headset is showing damage only with longer cable (the normal 5m on) and showing no sign of failure with the shorter as it is only showing on the right screen.

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