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Internal Front-Facing camera uses for HTC Vive


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I have a question regarding the Front-Facing Internal Camera on the HTC Vive. With it being able to show you your Real Space around you so you do not need to take off the headset... Will HTC ever integrate the ability to record with it? We tried mounting a GoPro Session to the front of the headset for some POV Gameplay footage, but were unsuccessful as the curvature of the headset was not conducive for the gopro mounts. It would be awesome if we could trigger "Record a Session" or something for the Front-Facing camera so that we can use that later on for POV Gameplay footage on our sites and social media. We could also green screen the entires play area so we can drop in the game itself, and show side-by-side views of the game and real space POV views. Is HTC considering anything like this for the Front-Facing Camera? Is this already a possibility? I appreciate any responses to this.


Thank you,


Stitch VR

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     Hey StichVR, 

     Glad to hear you're interested in using the Vive's integrated camera.

     Currently, you can access the Vive's camera through Windows like a normal webcam in many instances and record POV footage like you'd capture it with any other webcam provided you have sufficient hardware. 

      In terms of accessing the camera in-headset at runtime, it's a little trickier.  The OpenVR 1.0.0 update granted users the ability to access poll frames and tie them to the HMD's location information data (see IVRTrackedCamera). As OpenVR evolves, I'd imagine that we'll see new tools and sample projects that you'll find useful. Keep in mind that there is some distortion modeling at play here. 

     If you're using Unity, there are a handful of game objects within the SteamVR plugin that you can experiment with that work on a higher level. Here is a helpful article that provides an example of Unity implementation. 

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Hello David,

I am really looking forward what the Vive Pro will bring along. I am very interested in the dual front cameras. By now I am using the first Vive and am quite happy with it. Yet I am hoping for a special application. This is what I asked on Youtube:
"Is there any information about the resolution of the front facing cameras? I would really love to replace my flightsim monitors with a green screen letting me look out of the window in a realistic manner. While I can still read the physical checklists, see my hands, operate knobs and levers... I really wonder why there is nothing like this on the web yet. If someone did it, the mixed reality has been edited into afterwards or it shows the opposite perspective like with the weather guy. But nothing like a simulator being mixed into the HMD in realtime. Sad of searching..., ZED Mini doesn´t do the job either" - annotation: hope Vive Pro will make ZED Mini obsolete...
This video shows how it should basically be like, yet this has also been edited afterwards and was not a live perspective via the HMD:

So now I found this video:

Somehow he must have figured out a way to implement a green screen. Maybe you can give me a hint on how this is possible. Thanks a lot.
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We don't have information to share at this point in time about the Pro's stereo cameras besides to say that they are accessible to developers.  


Outside of the Pro, I suspect that first person MR support within individual apps will be heavily driven by the streaming community. 

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