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integrate a VIVE pro 2 into a multichannel audio setup


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Hey there,

for a mixed media installation in a museum we would like to stream audio directly from our multi-channel audio device to the integrated vive-pro-2 headphones + send a video stream from our Touch-Designer application.

We will probably use an RME audio interface with ASIO drivers for the sound distribution across multiple loudspeakers. Is is in general possible to send our audio stream natively to the vive pro 2 headset? Or is the audio signal bound with the video signal via display port from our pc? In that case, do you have a solid solution, from a software side, to use latency low audio-drivers to mirror our sound signals (let's say Channel 1 & 2) of our audio interface to the vive headset? I know there's the following option:

  1. Select Settings > Audio. 
  2. Click the Audio mirroring On/Off switch to turn it on.


Is that a suitable solution for our case? Or do you have another recommendation?

Worst case would be to remove the standard earplugs and replace them (somehow) with regular headphones and connect them via 3,5mm jack. (that would be ugly)


Thanks in advance,



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