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Floating off the floor in the Focus Plus's VR App


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Dear HTC.


I have a VIVE Focus Plus and a VIVE Focus 3 and am developing VR apps for those devices.


After installed the developed application to the device and checking its run, I noticed that the floor height is different between FocusPlus and Focus3.


In Focus3, when a controller is placed on the floor in real space, it is grounded to a floor object placed in the VR space and the controller is rendering.


In Focus Plus, when the controller is placed on the floor in real space, it is not grounded to the floor object placed in the VR space, but the controller is rendered as if it is slightly floating.


Since the positions of the controllers in real space and VR space seem to be synchronized, I wonder if the floor after deployment is lower than the height at which the floor of the VR space was placed in the editor, or if the parent object of the controller and camera object (ViveCameraRig prefab) is lower. I think.


If anyone is experiencing a similar phenomenon and knows of a solution to the problem, please share the information.


Development information.


VIVE Input Utility 1.17.0

VIVE Wave XR Plugin 5.0.3-r.5

VIVE Wave XR Plugin - Essence 5.0.3.r-5


Information on the Focus Plus used.





  and@AABM #1

  Thu Oct 22 18:27:28 CST 2020


  4.14.623.1 9.0_g CL1118462 release-keys

WAVE SDK Version




I appreciate your help.

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