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Tracking stop when returning to app or starting app from another


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I'm using Unity 2021.3.20f and the latest Vive wave plugin, Essence and native plugins. Attempting to develop for the Vive Elite, updated to the latest version.

I got 2 issues which I believe are related. 

My app launch another one using startActivity from a java script in the plugins folder. The second app start but there is no tracking. I either see the picture stuck to my view or a rectangle of image in black, the image stay in the same position and while the scene itself is alive (videos playing, audio and such) the controllers also still. 

When I return to the original app by returning to the Vive's home and returning to it, I get the same issue in the original as well.

I tried the VIU but it the same. 

Its a huge problem for us and I would appreciate any help!

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