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SteamVR crashes while using Vive Tracker without Headset


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We are currently working on a Mixed Relaity shooting using a Vive tracker mounted on the camera but we are experiencing crashes with SteamVR. There are no debug messages or anything, it just crashes at random points. It started happening with the latest release of SteamVR v1498179029 (22/06).

Can you guide me with the procedure to debug this ?


Best regards,



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I have also noticed that the application crashes with the latest version of SteamVR v1498179029 (22/06). I have experienced this on the latest Beta version as well. I do not have an HMD and the lastest SteamVR update  seems to ignore the "requireHmd:false" designation in the steamVR config file. I had no problems  pairing Vive Trackers in the past, but now SteamVR won't allow it without a headset.


Since this update, I also receive an error when initializing my application in OpenVR.

I get the error "Hmd Not Found Presence Failed (126)". This was not the case about 2 weeks ago, is SteamVR now ignoring  "requireHmd:false"?

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Seems SteamVR has been a pain in the butt since they added that useless SteamVR "Home" to it. I'm not a developer but even as just a user, it seems it worked better before the introduction of "Home" to SteamVR. Anyone else notice this?

Regards: Jack

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