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VR for automation


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Hello everyone,

I hope you're doing well. I am currently working on an exciting project focused on automating a special process using robot automation. To enhance the control and interaction with the robot, I am interested in integrating virtual reality (VR) technology.

I'm reaching out to seek recommendations for a software/platform that allows me to track motion from VR and send signals to control the robot accordingly. If there is existing software available for this purpose, I would greatly appreciate your suggestions.

Additionally, if there isn't a ready-made solution and I need to develop the software myself, I would be grateful if someone could provide me with a starting point or resources to learn more about VR development and its integration with htc VIVE.

Any guidance, suggestions, or assistance you can provide would be immensely helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and support.

Best regards, 

Sehajpreet Singh

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hi @Sehaj

Robotics and anything that goes "bump" requires precision. Thankfully, our trackers provide a high degree of precision and can be attached to arbitrary surfaces. https://www.vive.com/us/accessory/tracker3/ 

Controlling the robot would be a different domain and perhaps you could reach out to some of our partners in the space for suggestions and/or potential licensing https://business.vive.com/us/isv/partners/ There are also open source projects dedicated to this purpose, and you can investigate these yourself  - some options/starting points 
Or the suite of tools here https://github.com/topics/vive-controller

I'm sure some our partners these forums as well, and I'm excited to hear what you come up with!


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