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LAN Comms to multiple XR Elite HMD


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We have a client request for a up-coming project, that will require iro 10 to 15 headsets to have local (headset) content triggered to start via LAN. (local area network only , not internet).

To be clear, we are not looking to stream actual content to / from devices - the content will be pre-loaded to each headset- the LAN will be used to send simple sync-start  / pause / next commands to the content across all headsets.

The content will be a mixture of 3D (Mesh), video (stereo / 2D) and audio. I have seen there are gaming applications that have a similar function, plus other applications that can sync start video (only) in a similar way, but reading around I have not seen much mention of the networking capability of headsets such as the XR Elite in the way we have been asked to develop.

We would look to develop our application using Unreal.

Thankyou for any help the forum can provide.



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