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wifi internet connection speeds very very slow


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hello, i can barely get youtube videos to play 2d or 3d lots of delayed start and loading stuttering.  i pointed by browser to speedtest.net and only get 1-2mbps download speeds where as my laptop on the same network gets 50-55mpbs.  i'm going through a router, then spectrum internet. all other hard/softwired connections working very well.

i got the xr elite a few days ago.  i did the update yesterday and the wolvic browser update yesterday as well.

'anything i can do?



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to answer my own ?  apparently i have to be line-of-site with the xr elite and the wifi antennas.  i wonder if that's due to auto-connect with 5ghz.  though, i thought i turned off 5ghz on my routers.  i'll have to check that.  but standing in the same room racks those mbps up 10+ fold.

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