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Occlusion for UE4


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Hi everyone, I am new to SRWorks so I appreciate any and all advice and help.


I am trying to design an AR app in UE4 where a real object is in a virtual environment (so everything is virtual, even the background, except for an object from real life).


I am struggling with how to do occlusion so that the virtual objects appear behind the real object rather than in front. I am new to both augmented reality and UE4, I have watched videos on custom depth and stencils, as well as sphere and box mask, but I do not know how to achieve the occlusion still.


Not only that but the real object will be moved around the room and the app needs to be able to track that. I have not been successful in achieving this.


I sincerely appreciate any contribution to how I can go about with occlusion

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