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Two Technical Questions


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Hello, everyone

I have interest in Vive Pro or newest version

I have Intel NUC 13 Pro Kit (Small Intel CPU installed PC), to where a camera is connected

That camera will send indoor live stream to NUC

Also, that NUC has OS as Ubuntu 20

That NUC has USB ports and bluetooth and WIFI


My questions are

1. I want to receive and see the live stream (of that camera) on Vive Headset

2. I want to send the 6dof or 3dof sensor values to NUC (Ubuntu 20) in real time, so that, if I move or rotate the Vive, NUC's Ubuntu 20 OS should receive those sensor values (in real time)


May I ask:

Can I do both above via Vive ?


Thank you and have a nice day

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Yes, it is possible to achieve both of the tasks you mentioned using the Vive VR headset and your Intel NUC running Ubuntu 20. Here's a breakdown of how you can accomplish each task:

  1. Viewing live camera stream on Vive headset:

    • Use software to stream camera feed from Ubuntu 20 to Vive via SteamVR or find compatible software for this purpose.
  2. Sending Vive sensor data to NUC:

    • Develop software on Ubuntu 20 to receive 6DoF/3DoF sensor data from Vive via SteamVR APIs for real-time tracking.

Both tasks are achievable, but they require software development to integrate the Vive headset with your Ubuntu 20 NUC effectively. If you need further assistance or guidance, you can explore more on our website at vrsutz.com.


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