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Tracker tracking issue


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Hello, I have been experimenting with Vive tracking and ran into a confusing issue- tracking with 3.0 tracker is not a precise as with old 1.0 controller. In the same setup (using 1.0 lighthouse stations), tracker seems to be experiencing what looks like change of base while going around in a circle around a point:  https://pasteboard.co/dAQQ2mSa4oG8.png   In there it looks as if it changed base twice.

For example here how data from controller looks like- https://pasteboard.co/LMt6A02Bu7IF.png. It's not a perfect arc, but there are no big jumps. The motions have been carried with an industrial robot and the examples are representative of many recordings. Sometimes, data is missing for controller too for obvious reasons, like being obstructed from both base stations. In the recordings, the tracker should have had clear view of both stations and the distance to the stations should have been nearly the same as in the controller recordings.

I have a suspicion that either the controller is defective (however unlikely) or there are differences with tracking controllers and trackers. Do you know what it could be?

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