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Charging while linked to PC


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I just picked up the Vive XR headset, and while it works great, I'm having a huge power issue.

The headset will not stay charged while connected to my PC. It asks for a 30 watt PD charger, but there's no way to get 30 watts out of my PC's USB ports. 

Is there some sort of charging up that will provide 30 watts (or more) to the headset while also letting me connect to the PC? I bought this exclusively for PC use, and if I can't keep it charged while playing, I'll have to return the headset and switch to something else.


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Also, if someone has a suggestion re a hub and/or power adapter, could you supply the specific brand and model number of the hub and charger you are using? 

I actually have three USB PD power adapters that supply 100 watts, but the hub is the issue for me... I can't find a hub that will pass through PD to the Vive while also connecting to a PC. 

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On 10/15/2023 at 4:14 AM, VIVE_chengnay said:

Hi @tomxp411,

May I know why you will need to connect to PC while playing?

we are in the same situation.

We need to stream display through cable from the pc to the device and also want to keep the glasses charged.

For us its  an convenience  to have the vr running for a long time on a professional convention stand.

But currently the glasses are draining in power pretty fast, rendering them useless.

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Yes i agree 

My situation is that it will drain in less then 1 hour and trying to play games with it draining quickly is a downside, and having 3 or so battery packs is a massive drain on the pocket when it should be able to be used with a pc and in glasses mode. 

I currently have it connected to an external battery pack which gives me more time but when my trackers arrive that will not be possible anymore. 


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