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XRHands rotation issue in Unity


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We've encountered an issue with Vive's hand tracking via OpenXR XRHands, which is also present in the Pico XRHands subsystem, but not present in the Meta OpenXR XRHands subsystem or the Ultraleap LeapC/OpenXR XRHands subsystem.
The issue in question is to do with rotation values: for example, turning your hand to open a hand menu, or picking up an XRI grabbable and turning it over. This issue can be replicated within the XRHands example scene.
It's odd because the hand joint rotations appear to be coming through correctly, but it seems that there is some additional information not being sent through your hand platform, as additionally turning on debuggers such as the velocity debugger also do not work as they do with other platforms such as Meta.
Here's a video of interacting with an XRI cube using Vive hand tracking: https://ultrahaptics.box.com/s/fn6nh3b5w43b23fg694r50vjaejgx659
Here's the exact same project with the exact same stock example scene using Meta tracking on a Quest 3: https://ultrahaptics.box.com/s/5yes2t2m5ske7ibtbo2k2cknl99q6jmr
Notice how not only the cube correctly transforms using Meta, but the hand menu also works. Please could you take a look for us?
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