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Vive Console causing PC Freezing & GPU Coil Whine on Exit.


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Hey Vive!
I recently upgraded from Gen 1 HTC Vive to the Pro 2! It all hooked up great and playing with the headset is a phenominal improvement in image quality!
However, I ran into 1 problem. Vive Console, being obligatory for running the Pro 2, is causing me issues. You see, when I'm done playing for the night and I shut down my VR system, Console shutting down will cause my computer to hang for anywhere between 5 seconds and 1 minute. During this frozen screen, my computer will give off a distinct, high-pitched, albeit subtle whine. I've determined it's coming from my 3080's coil. I've also confirmed it kicks up the Utilization to 100% during this hang, and I've seen it rocket my temps up to past 88 degrees C. Normally my GPU never breaks 77 C even under heavy strain(Cyberpunk 2077 at maxed settings, for example)

This is of considerable concern to me. I love your product and your quality is exceptional. However, I'm not willing to use your software at the very likely expense of my hardware's untimely demise at the hands of your poorly optimized software. 

So far, through personal troubleshooting, I've at least managed to find a compromising fix for the problem, such as installing Vive Console directly through Steam and disabling hardware accelerated GPU Scheduling. This has at least minimized the amount of hanging/freeze time happening, but it is still causing the coil whine during what little freezing I do have. Mind you, this is an entirely isolated issue. I've had my PC with these exact specs for several years now, and not once before installing Vive Console have I ever heard my GPU emitting a coil whine. This should be of considerable concern for you guys, as it poses a very real, very urgent risk to peoples' hardware.

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