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Issue with OpenXR and godot (vive pro 2)


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Godot projects with openXR don't seems to work on my headset (vive pro 2). game launch but get locked in next sequence.

It is supposed to work on other platform.

for example this game : https://itch.io/jam/godot-xr-game-jam/rate/2400974 Neither the godot XR template that can be found here : https://github.com/GodotVR/godot-xr-template or in the community tab of the asset library. Support asked me to ask a question here.

I'll edit this post when i go back on Windows.

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I'm guessing there's a button mapping issue? What button or action causes you to get to the next screen?

I believe I had success running https://github.com/GodotVR/godot-xr-template 

Two  thing to check:
1)Turn off meta plugin compatibility - as the xr loader for meta causes havoc with other xr plugins. you may need to restart steamvr
2)Try changing to steamvr openxr runtime(or visa-versa)

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Hi @Ronan13,

What version of Godot are you using? I was testing Godot last week and wasn't able to make a working apk with Godot 4.2.1. I was able to get a working apk with Godot 4.1.3 and was able to test on XR Elite, Focus 3 and Quest 1. I also used the Godot XR Template sample app. Downgrading the Godot XR Template sample app to Godot 4.1.3 caused a compatibility issue with the OpenXR Android plugin, but I was able to remove the plugin and download a compatible version.

I would also recommend using adb to troubleshoot the app issue if you aren't using it already. I use this command when testing a Godot app:

adb logcat -s godot

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