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Help me start my spatial audiovisual experiment


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Hello, I have a Vive Pro Eye intended for research on auditory localization of sound sources.


My experiment is as simple as reproducing sounds from different (virtual) 3D locations (binaurally with incorporated earphones), and showing visual feedback when eye gaze is near the sound sources.


A cubic room of x,y,z dimensions with maybe some simple texture for visual reference of angular displacements. 


Most important thing is to achieve good performance of the eye-tracker, headset motions, and good spatialized sounds.


Can all this  be done with OpenXR alone? Or Wave?


Do I need to install the other SDKs (legacy) or are those included in OpenXR/Wave?


A colleague recomended me to use Vizard as the IDE but it is paid.

Should I work with unity or unreal.


It is a newbe question obviously.

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