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Be carefull with HTC - CTDI


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Dear HTC ,


I m an early adopter from you , I have smartphone, Tablet and VIVE ( I bought the when released)


After 1 year with my Vive suffering a lot of issues with 208 -which it made me even to buy a new computer- I found out that it was a problem with the cable when I tried one from a friend who bought VIVE recently. I then decided to contact HTC and send the cable, and this is the reply: they say there is mechanical deterioration of the device induced by customer (misuse or improper utilization (Really?  what they think I have done with the cable?)), so they want me to pay €100 for the cable to be repaired, or €45 (inspection and logistic fee if I reject the repair quote)... when I can buy a new one myself for €45. This must be a joke. right?






We are contacting you regarding the repair of the product HTC Vive HMD with serial number FA659AB01041, E2E ticket 317258724000123, CTDI repair no 290785HRO.

During the repair process our technicians have identified that the repair cannot be completed in warranty due to the following reason:
Mechanical Damage - mechanical deterioration of the device induced by customer (misuse or improper utilization)

The cost of an out of warranty repair (spare parts + labour and logistic fee) vat included is: 109.8608 EUR

Please note that if you reject the quotation you should pay the cost of inspection and logistic fee: 45 EUR

Parts lists:

  • OTHER ACCESSORIES - Accessary Cable,TYCO,2299038-1,23,Sealed Bag,Dark Gray,w/o CE Label,USB/DC/HDMI 3-in-1 cable;model name:2299038-1;with label - 73H00611-01P

VAT (19%) can be excluded from the repair fee if invoice is issued on a legal entity based in EU that has a valid VAT number.
If the invoice is issued on a legal entity, please provide us company name, address, country and VAT Number.
If the invoice is issued on an individual, please provide us your ID or passport number.

Please let us know if you accept this cost of repair or if we should create invoice only for inspection and logistic fee. If we can help you with other information contact us at ro_customercare@ctdi.com.

Kind regards,

CTDI team



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Sure it is a joke.


As for European laws if a product turns out to be faulty or not as advertised (‘non-conformity’), you have a 2-year guarantee, which means the seller must repair or replace it free of charge.
EU Product Warranty Directive (1999)
Article 5
Time limits
1. The seller shall be held liable under Article 3 where the lack of conformity becomes apparent within two years as from delivery of the goods. If, under national legislation, the rights laid down in Article 3(2) are subject to a limitation period, that period shall not expire within a period of two years from the time of delivery.
Non Europeans manufacturers may offer 1 year warranty in other countries but they are bound to comply European Laws if they sell their products in Europe. For your reference, the most well-know example about this happened with Apple in 2010.
What is clear is that the cable should be designed to allow your free movement in a room at least for two years or, otherwise, inform the user about the expected duration. If the cable has had mechanical deterioration due to misuse, HTC will have to demonstrate it, not only say it is so. You are not the first case of a user whose cable deteriorates and makes issues like grayscale screens or loose of tracking (please contact me should you need any reference).
So, I think it is a joke ;-)



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Hey Echeva thanks for reply.


I am aware i am in guarantee, as you say, but it is no good experience for me or any VIVE consumer... the reason of a "misuse"... a cable cannot be manipulated, it is plug and play... it works or it doesnt. And that's not enough, i would need to pay €110 for a cable that costs €45 in shops, otherwise I would have to pay €45 if I dont accept the quote.


Well as I said I trust in it was just a joke.

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Let me see if I can find some more info on this for you.  Can you PM me your name and contact info (email address and phone number + location)? There may be delays due to time zone differences (I'm west coast US) but will find out what's going on!







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Finally , the cable will be shipping soon and all was sorted out.


Special Thanks to HTC Support Jonh.

and just to say that Support in Rumania (CDTI) will need to be informed better of guaranties and those kind of emails they send before send them out... they dont looks good on custome face.


Thanks HTC USA and UK.

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