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Viveport - How to get back into space?


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Hi there 

4 weeks ago I started to build a new PC and now I installed Viveport and SteamVR to my new PC. 

-> since then my new home is a very cool designed house with a balcony. I like it very much. But how can I visit the very nicely designed spaceport asgain? - I enjoyed this environment, too. It was very relaxing. 


Can I also get back there - just for a VR visit?


thx for feedback









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Hey John

Thx for the solution - the beta environment has also a sexy design and feels good. But sometimes it should be space. :) 

So, is it planned to have the home and also the space version in parallel? I mean, there is a Viveport Banner on the left in the menu (without function). What if a user can click on it an find him/herself again in the space version of Viveport?


-> Because, I think it's a strenght of the Vive to enjoy environments. I needn't always to have a lot of functions. Sometimes it just feels good to be somewhere, maybe listening to sound or browsing the store... 

best, AGR-13

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You'll have to learn more from Valve (who develops SteamVR) but I believe their goal is to make it so SteamVR home will be customizable.  So potentially, you could be in space, but also have all the features of SteamVR home. However, right now, it's still in Beta, so we don't know for certain what's coming. Still, you have the option to turn off SteamVR home if you don't want it.

I hope that makes sense.

-John C

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