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'Return to game' and pressing Menu button minimizes my game. No way back to game via VR.


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SteamVR updated to 2.3.4 and ever since I can no longer get back to my game in VR after navigating to the desktop. I am on an HTC Vive OG and every time I select the game from the taskbar after going to desktop in vr, it opens on my monitor, but then in my VR headset, I need to close the VR overlay so I click menu, or the game on the bottom of the nav or 'Return to game' popup and every single time it minimizes the game / switches me back to the desktop. The only way to get this working is if get out of the menu, I take my headset off and on the desktop screen with my mouse click the game icon and play it.

Anyone have a fix? Or know how to rollback?

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