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Eye Tracking in Unity Project


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So I am rather coming with very basic questions as our team spend a lot of time teying to figure it out. We currently moving to the new equipment and trying to figure out how to get the Focus 3 work on our project. We are developing VR application with eye tracking. And after reading a lot on what plugins people using etc I admit we are a bit confused so here are few questions maybe people can answer for us:

1. Do we need Open XR plugin or Wave SDK in order for our project to work with eye tracking on focus 3 headset? 

2. Is Sranipal still necessary to use for eye tarcking to work?

3. Do we need Stream VR or Vive Business Streaming?

I am aware that those are evry basic questions but we tried different things and often getting some errors with eye tracking so wanted to make sure we cover basic correctly. Maybe someone can clarify does for us as for example.difference between using Open XR and Wave wasn't very clear for us as it says for android application while people usednit to simply build.for headset.

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