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[Unity, XR ELITE] TrackableMarker-related APIs seem to have ruined marker detection

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I have been following this tutorial to detect ArUco markers on XR ELIET. https://hub.vive.com/storage/docs/en-us/UnityXR/UnityXRTrackableMarker.html

Everything was fine until I started to use TrackableMarker-related APIs (for example, CreateTrackableMarker(...), StartTrackingTrackableMarkers(...) ).

Marker detection broke down. I tried different methods (remove these APIs, minimize the code, double-check whther I started service/observer/detection, code debugging, reinstall program, restart headset...), and the the only way to solve this is to use a different XR ELITE.

By logging to the Unity console, I found that TrackableMarker-related APIs seem to perseve trackable-marker data and will always re-use these data and refuse to detect any new markers.

I tried to manually erase them during onEnable() or Start() via DestroyTrackableMarker and StopTrackingTrackableMarker, but still, marker detection didn't work.

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