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Grey-green and white noise, vanishing of controllers, "squint" in right eye, HMD goes black...

Tobias Claren

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perhaps a week ago, 



Yes, there are glas surfaces. Door, Closets etc. in this living room.

Actually imposed with towels etc..

But after using the sync cable a week ago, it seems, the problem was solved.
But now (new installation, but same place, same place for LH-stations...) the problem is back.
Also in a direction without reflections from the stations. I had used a night shot mode from a camcorder. A big disadvantage against Oculus Rift!


What can I do. I can not remove the glass.

And actually, I can not see reflections, especially in the "dangerous direction".

Perhaps a problem with sunlight?

A week ago, I played probably only in the evening.

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I am currently not sure.

It takes even more tests for comparison.

The difference between Home and the other place is the glas here, and the monitor in another direction (relative to Lighthouse-Sensor).


Cover all glass surfaces. And not forget the reflecting monitor Samsung 22" with touchscreen with reflective acrylic glas in front of the LCD.

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  • 2 weeks later...

All glass surfaces now covered.

Shortly after entering the summit room and go around and move the controller, it flashes gray, and the controllers disappear. The controllers are completely gone.
But I can still walk around. But I can not do anything (without controller).


At that moment I did not look toward a still remaining glass surface.
Only a big remaining window over the whole wall at the other room side.

Here some photos from the half room with PC and Vive-Space clockwise:



I had already used Vive without these problems.
Without covering anything.
At the same place. Also Laser stations in the same place.


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Okay so to recap: 

You didn't have the problem before. But it started occuring. You added sync cable which fixed it, but you were only playing at night. Now you cannot play during the day but you can play at night as long as you have Sync cable and cover your reflective surfaces? What am I missing?


-John C

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