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Base questions.


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Hello guys,

I'm going to start a big project for creation of games using HTC vive.
But I have several important questions related to the base of games creation. Could you help me with that?

1. For 2 base stations the maximum size of the room is 4x4. Is it real to use a room more than 4x4?
2. If it is real, what are the limits of the room size for 36 base stations?
3. Can we enable more than 1 user for one room with the maximum size? What is the limit of the number of users for one room?
4. What sdks should we use for enabling N base stations and M users? which SDKs are free and which do we need to pay for?

PS: if you are not able to advise me on these issues, please, let me know by email (or in the forum or "platform") where I can adress to get the information of my interest.

Thanks in advance!


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