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The VIVE Focus3 has an error on Android


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在项目接入SDK中打包到设备提示报错,软件卡死 提示不兼容,为什么?是哪里还需要配值吗?





Unity版本:2022.3.2 URP

VIVE Wave SDK:5.6.0 多合一 All-in-One



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项目中使用的所有着色器都是 URP,我们的项目已转换为 URP 渲染管线。如果同一个项目环境相同,只是SDK不同,PICO中没有这样的问题,触发后处理效果时,时报总是报报这个错误。

All the shaders used in the project are URP, and our project has converted to URP rendering pipeline. If the same project has the same environment, only the SDK is different, and there is no such problem in PICO, this error is always reported in The Times when a post-processing effect is triggered.

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Found that as long as it is the use of post-processing things, are not displayed, the printed log has been reporting this error, because the environment does not support or project value, troubled for a long time


What case do you need? Do you need a strength demo? Or apk, how do I send it to you?

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Could you please give me a contact information if it is convenient? I think I need technical support



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