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Mapped HTC Vive Keyboard and Mouse


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Hello HTC and its users, this is more of an idea, but I would also like to see what do you think of an idea for this and why it would or not work.


I must say that my biggest issue that I have with the initial generation of VR is the lack of mapping for a mouse and/or Keyboard. If HTC Released a compatible Keyboard and mouse that used the same tracking technology as the goggles or the controllers: Bam. I can use both in virtual desktop and environments to do my work. All of a sudden a sea of software that used to be available only on Desktop can also be implemented in virtual environments.  I am talking design and creative applications such as Photoshop, Maya, 3d Max, Zbrush, etc...

Last and this is just an idea. Imagine if there was also a way for the HTC to detect the Wacom tablet... there you go, you do not need a Cintiq anymore.... These, however, are just ideas. Might not work in practice.... Still cool to think the plausibilities.


What do you guys think? Do you think it's a clever idea or it might not work? I find although these controllers really cool and VR amazing, it actually makes me step away from being productive in my conventional programs, I really wished I could actually work in VR. Take the notion away of needed physical screens at all and be able to have a desktop that only has my keyboard, the mouse and the goggles in X amount of years, of course when they have a number of iterations where their resolution has been increased exponentially a few times.

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