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Viveport games Issue


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My Vive arrived a few days ago and I wanted to redeem the codes for the conent bundle.

I went to vive.com/code , entered my code, got the email, installed the Vive software and redeemed my content. Now, when I open my library, the only games that show up are games I already installed via Steam, but not the Games I redeemed using the code. If I log in in my Browser and check the library, they are there but I can't download them. I do NOT have a Viveport subscription.

Any help?

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Sorry for what you have experienced, this must be very frustrating.  

From your description, you might have created another account through either Facebook, Google, or Steam.  

Try and log out from your VIVE desktop and log in again using the same way you did with your browser.  

If that doesn't work for you, PM me your Email address, I will get it sorted.  





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