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please advice for purchasing HTC Vive.


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Hi everyone,


I could use some advice, thanks for your time. I am craving for VR... and my heart is set on HTC vive, for sooner or later.

But I am wondering whether I should spend money in it right now.

I did my fair share of research online. But I just cant come to a decision.

Here are the key points:

I am a hardcore gamer, and I have a fairly beast pc. I scored 8+ in SteamVR performance test. so things are fine on that end.


But as of now the condition I am living in. I am not able to walk around my room without knocking something over. So practically 0 space. So no roomscale VR.

I probably wont be able to install the light base stations. So i plan to just keep them on my table on top of an elevated thing, a stack of books or something.

I wont even stand for it, the room is that small (the chair cant be moved away).

and I plan to live like this for quite some time, (at least 1 year) and I am only seeing just me sitting down during my PC experience.

Is the current amount of content on it worth it for such a scanerio?


secondly and honestly, I am intrigued about the NSFW stuff as well..... ahem... . But then again I wont do that all the time (maybe twice a week) , so again the investment right now seems too high.


By the way, the cost will be really really high for me coz I am in india, so after unreasonably silly duty imports and stuff it will cost me total USD 1200, and USD 1400 cause I definitely wont shell out total amount together and probably pay using monthly installments over 1-2 years.


So can someone who is following VR scene extensively or someone owning HTC Vive suggest?

Is it worth it?

Or Should I just be patient and control my craving for few years. (by the time i move to a bigger place and we get second gen VRs , plus more cheaper).

OR Should I just start paying 56 USD per month and join the VR community.

I can certainly afford to spare 56 USD per month but the total amount I will end up spending bums me out.

thanks again for your time

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Given your space constraints, you could use a single lighthouse setup that will give you good enough coverage for seated/standing experiences (such as Elite Dangerous) and only use the second one when doing true roomscale. This would greatly simplify your overall setup. 


It's really up to you to decide whether desktop VR compliments your lifestyle at this point in time. It's currently very fast paced and something that you'll likely enjoy if you're comfortable with technology.  

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