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All time update... and problems with controllers


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its again me, so i am feeling little bit embarrasing. 

Problem is that everytime i quit and start VR headset is connected but controllers not they are shining green but after few second they go off... So everytime i starting VR i had to connect them with usb cabel co PC....
Second problem is that that like every second time i start VR one of the controllers need again update or headset just now i update headset restart VR and headset need update again so again update again restart and it again need update so i am confused if is this OK...


thx for answer and pation with me.


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Hi, try this and see if it helps with the controllers.

Reset the controller

If the controller is not behaving as expected, it’s having pairing issues or it’s having tracking issues, resetting it will update the status of the controller and will allow it to be set up again.

  1. Power off the controller.
  2. While holding [Grip] + [Touchpad] + [Menu buttons], plug the controller to the PC via USB.
  3. Continue holding until the PC recognizes the controller as a USB drive (a sound will be made on the computer).
  4. Release the buttons and then unplug the controller.




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